hello, and welcome to my neocities!

music ~ DAYTERTEQ - BEZTEBYA (good quality vers.)

✭ thank you for checking out my page! my name is coffee, but i also go by bego and kin names (like sunny and narancia) you can find my kins as you scroll down.

✭ i use any pronouns (she/he/they/it). i also use gore/goreself and hoot/hootself!

✭ i'm nonbinary and i love women and other nb people.

✭ i'm currently 18 (unless i forgot to update) and my birthday is on january 2nd.

✭ i have ocd & adhd (both diagnosed). i also struggle with self-harm & depressive episodes. please forgive me if i do anything weird or fucked up, etc. i most likely can't help it.

✭ my mbti is inxj. (both t and f)


kenniesplace, g0thalicious, yilinzc

reasons : overly sensitive, accused me of racism, hypocrites and backstabbers, sexists (had a problem with my friend being a cis guy), accused me of excusing myself with my issues without listening to me, picking messages out of context... overall awful people


he commited warcrimes and nuked my local mcdonalds (not cool)


MEDIA ;; movies, anime and manga, videos, etc

movies n shows : stranger things, arcane, platform, midsommar, hereditary, cube, the lighthouse (2019), vvitch, saw, texas chainsaw massacre, scream, ted, interstellar, scary movie, breaking bad, bullet train

anime n manga : jjba, aggretsuko, saiki k, junji ito's works, pumpkin night, chainsaw man, one punch man, higurashi

youtube stuff : analog horror (like mandela catalogue, squimpus mcgrimpus' works etc), snapcube sonic dubs, wendigoon, tuv, everywhere at the end of time, restoration vids, wow_mao, yahiamice, sr pelo, jschlatt, vinesauce, lets game it out, shrouded hand, plagued moth and more....... i most likely forgot more people


omori, minecraft, roblox, terraria, fnaf, danganronpa, imscared, garry's mod, pokemon, yakuza, metal gear revengeance, devil may cry, bayonetta, undertale and deltarune, dead by daylight, osu!, spore, huniepop, degrees of lewdity, deep rock galactic, cult of the lamb, hotline miami, ultrakill, team fortress 2, lobotomy corp, needy streamer overload, slime rancher, wobbledogs, saiko no sutoka, touhou, project zomboid, jackbox, monster prom, doki doki literature club, avata star sue, barotrauma


game ost, future funk, synthwave and vaporwave, breakcore, speedcore, extratone, metal, city pop, classical, indie, shoegaze, punk rock, hyperpop, hip hop & rap (this is probably not all of it)


drawing, collecting, gaming, listening to music, watching movies, learning, roleplaying and dnd, cooking, watching videos, true crime, casually streaming, music composing

KINS ;; i feel connected to these characters and animals

✮ otherkin and therian ✮

>OWL-KIN (barred and great horned)




✮ selfhood / id ✮

✮ strong ✮

✮ medium ✮

amanda by butterboxxedjuice on tumblr! - undyne by Uchuu-j1n on deviantart!